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The Material Used Like other socks, ankle socks too are made from cotton, quality wool, nylon, or even microfiber. Men and women prefer ankle socks that are made of wool or a cotton blend, as they are comfortable and look stylish as well. Compared to other socks, these socks are durable and are perfect for use every day. People who are into sports prefer cotton ankle socks over others are it helps reduce sweating and keeps the feet fresh and cool. The Colors Ankle socks are now made available in various colors and designs, but, most often, people only think of white or black when buying one. The ankle socks made for women are designed keeping in mind the latest fashion trends. You can find some trendy ones with pom-poms or with colored toes. Men’s ankle socks too are available with colored heels and in various designs. Shoppers can find the best quality ankle socks by shopping online! Various Type of Ankle Socks 1. Ankle socks for sports Whatever sport you like to play, you must choose the right sock. You can now find ankle socks that are made for play, and these protect your feet while keeping them comfortable. Both men and women can choose from a wide range of athletic socks that include various “performance innovations” like reinforced toes, heels, moisture-wicking properties, and high breathability.