Stance Socks What are Ankle Socks?

What are Ankle Socks? Many people feel like they have “two left feet” when they need to pick out the shoes and the socks to match an outfit. With various styles to choose from, stocking your wardrobe with the right kind of socks can be challenging at times. In this article, let us learn what ankle socks are and how you can choose one to match your casual and formal attire. What are ankle socks? Did you ever wonder how different they are from the other styles of socks? The ankle socks are loved by many, thanks to their fit and the comfort they provide. Ankle socks cut right above your ankle bone, and this is what provides excellent coverage to your feet. These kinds of socks are available in various designs and colors, providing excellent wardrobe flexibility. Ankle socks also match well with various styles of shoes like boat shoes, flats, loafers, or women’s heels. Ankle socks are shorter when compared to other sock styles like crew socks. These socks cover your entire foot, till the ankle. People often prefer these for sports or like to pair them up with casual shoes. The ankle socks also sit just above the opening of the shoe and are not visible. If you are wearing shorts, and do not want a sock to show on your legs, you need to try ankle shorts.