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Acrylic Socks made of acrylic are available at a pocket-friendly cost and are durable. The socks are comfortable and also provide great cushioning to the feet. They keep the feet dry and fresh even after long hours of wear. Cotton Cotton is one of the most popular choices for sock making, but it is blended with other fabrics for added comfort and features. Cotton socks tend to trap the moisture, and it might make you feel uncomfortable; especially when you are running or on a hike. The socks made of cotton are ideal as casual wear, but if you are looking for aerobic use, you can choose socks that have a low content of cotton in them. Nylon and Lycra You cannot find socks made of pure nylon as the fabric is often blended with others to increase its strength. One added advantage of these socks is that they dry pretty quickly and are durable. Socks made of lycra or spandex, on the other hand, stretch a little and thus provide a snug fit. Most of the times it is blended with cotton or wool and only a small percentage of lycra is used. The Height