Stance Socks Stance - How to Choose Socks

How to Choose Socks – Stance Have you ever paid attention to the kind of socks you are wearing? Have you ever wondered how you can choose the best socks and if there are tips or rules you might have to know? Well, it is essential to know that socks are an important gear that you cannot scrimp on. Choosing a pair of socks needs to depend on how long you wish to wear them and for what activity. Pairing your outfit with the right socks not only adds to the overall appeal but will also protect your feet and keep them comfortable all day long. If you are wondering “how to choose socks,” let’s help you out with it. The Fabric You might be surprised looking at a pair of socks that cost about $15 or $20, but did you ever wonder why? It is due to the fabric content and is the very thing you need to look for when buying a sock. Socks are made using materials of various blends. So, let’s understand them in detail. Wool Think of wool, and we cannot stop thinking about snow and winters. But, the socks made of Merino wool can be worn in any weather as they are soft, comfortable and very breathable. The yarn of the merino sheep is very soft and looks cushiony and can be used by people who often complain of itchiness. The socks also resist odors and do not shrink either. They absorb moisture quick and hence are mostly used by hikers. Though the socks made of this wool are expensive, they are worth every penny of your investment.