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Webco Industries / PJ Tube : The Webco Way - Today s Commitment for A Better Forever

Webco Industries is known for its promise of being a “ Forever Company ,” making decisions in the best interest of employees , clients , and supply chain partners . Stainless Steel World Americas had the pleasure of speaking with Dave Boyer , President and COO , as well as Yong-Joo Kim , Vice President of Process and Product Innovation , at Webco Industries , to learn more about the company ’ s history , product offering and quality assurance , and how this sets it apart from competitors .
By Sara Mathov
Background and History
Originally founded in 1969 as Southwest Tube , Webco Industries occupied a single 50,000 sq . ft . building in Sand Springs , Oklahoma . Its founders , Bill and Marty Weber , were motivated by the desire to better serve the heat exchanger industry as a cold draw tubing manufacturer . After fifty years , multiple expansions , and a name change , Webco now utilizes more than 2,000,000 sq . ft . across 13 facilities .
Along the way , important milestone years included 1976 , when Webco added the first carbon ERW weld mill . The following year , Webco opened the first stainless steel tubing facility to manufacture seam-welded tubing . In 1988 , Webco purchased and refurbished a carbon tube plant in Oil City , Pennsylvania to better serve the automotive and boiler tube markets .
In 2008 , Webco Industries opened a corrosion resistant alloy plant in Kellyville , Oklahoma . Designed to produce specialty nickel alloy and stainless tubing for demanding market segments , the Kellyville plant manufactures , among other products , stainless steel subsea umbilical tubing . Soon after , the company launched the Star Center Tube Division plant in Sand Springs , providing Webco with the ability to manufacture cold-drawn mechanical tubing , to meet aggressive weight-per-foot requirements , a variety of customer specifications , and restrictive mechanical properties .
Industry Leading Product and Service Offerings
Webco manufactures tube and pipe products using advanced welding technology – specifically laser welding . “ Webco ’ s weld procedures are qualified to perform to industry codes and standards , inclusive to the company ’ s own set of internal criteria ,” said Boyer . Metallurgists and Process Engineers make certain customers ’ products are delivered to match promised requirements . “ Our team is one of the strongest technical groups in metal tubing manufacturing , resolving some of the industry ’ s most complex welding challenges . By leveraging advanced welded tube technology , backed by exquisite expertise , Webco is a star innovator ,” he said .
bilical oil & gas markets ; Webco is also a significant supplier of seam-welded stainless-steel pipe and instrumentation tubing ,” stated Kim . The company has a wide range of product offerings and value-added services . “ Webco is North America ’ s leading manufacturer of precision welded tubing for pressure , driveline , downhole and industrial applications . ERW and laser
“ We serve OEM customers in automotive and consumer goods markets and are a major supplier in the umwelding technologies are used to help the company offer welded tubular products to meet multiple market requirements . Webco provides tubing with seamless and welded cold drawn carbon and alloy options , with tight tolerances , enhanced mechanical properties , and surface finish requirements ,” he added . The company also manufactures seam-welded corrosion resistant alloy tubing , producing many austenitic , ferritic , duplex and nickel-based grades and alloys .
“ We specialize in severe service applications that require corrosion resistant alloy tubing products , but Webco also takes great pride in the value-added services we offer . We are not limited to standard mill products ; the company ’ s one-stop manufacturing , finishing , and value added capabilities give customers the option to get a total solution from a single supplier ,” said Boyer . Value added services include bending , end forming , heat treatment , finning , and fabrication . Working with its PJ Tube facilities , Webco also provides clients with short-piece cutting and tube laser cutting .
Webco has more than 25 years of experience in utilizing laser technology , and has impressively welded more than two billion feet of corrosion resistant alloy tubing . “ Our Mannford , Oklahoma plant was the first manufacturer in the nation to successfully weld 29-4C alloy tubing ,” stated Kim . “ We have successfully used laser welding on stainless steel , high nickel alloys , titanium , and duplex steels . Webco also holds several patents for welding .”
Maintaining Company Wide Quality and Satisfaction
Webco ’ s broad customer base and diversity of offered products is one of the company ’ s many strengths . “ Each customer base has its own requirements and value equation ,” stated Boyer . “ We have learned how we can apply capabilities developed for one market
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