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Stainless Steel World Americas is the leading publication for corrosion resistant alloy users , suppliers , and fabricators in North , Central , and South America .
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The Insiders ’ Guide to Stainless Steel Issue 4 – August 2022
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End User Interview
Failure Analysis in Stainless Steel : Material Science , Ongoing Education , and Corrosion Prevention
Special Topic : Supply Chain / Import & Export
The Effect of Recent Nickel Prices on Industry
Nickel is one of the most versatile metals currently available . It is resistant to high temperatures , corrosion , and oxidation , among other features , making it a key component in a wide variety of everyday objects . Nevertheless , one thing this essential metal is not impervious to , as everyone has learned over the last couple of years , is global supply chain disruptions . This has become particularly apparent today in light of the Ukraine-Russia War and the international sanctions imposed on Russia as a result . World events today have therefore effectively cut off one of the leading sources of nickel to the global market which has resulted in a spike in prices of nearly 400 % in a single day on the London Metal Exchange before trading was suspended . These record surges have drastically impacted the global nickel market , and by extension a wide array of related industries around the world .
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Technical Article
Failure analysis is an essential tool for all industries . It is crucial to take the initiative to understand failure mechanisms in the workplace . Although senior personnel pass on information to juniors , there are frequent revisions to guidelines and improvements to processes which analysts can follow with ongoing education . Stainless Steel World Americas had the pleasure of speaking with Dr . Sudhakar Mahajanam , Failure Analyst , at Stress Engineering Services , to learn about his work in the field , and how he , with the assistance and collaboration of his team , receive and evaluate failures , while diagnosing the damage mechanisms and offering solutions .
Pitting Corrosion vs . Crevice Corrosion : Identifying and Preventing
Preventing pitting and crevice corrosion can save downtime and money . Identifying the type of corrosion affecting a system is the first step to eliminating it in the future .
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Webco Industries / PJ Tube : The Webco Way - Today ’ s Commitment for A Better Forever

Webco Industries is known for its promise of being a “ Forever Company ,” making decisions in the best interest of employees , clients , and supply chain partners . Stainless Steel World Americas had the pleasure of speaking with Dave Boyer , President and COO , as well as Yong-Joo Kim , Vice President of Process and Product Innovation , at Webco Industries , to learn more about the company ’ s history , product offering and quality assurance , and how it sets them apart from its competitors .
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