St Margaret's News November 2018 - Page 6

Remembrance Day Liturgy of Remembrance The 2018 Remembrance Day Service of Worship at St Margaret’s was conduct- ed by John Goss and Rev Margaret Middleton. It included a Liturgy of Remem- brance. Whilst David Hunt beautifully played the Adagio in G, various members of the congregation took forward and laid on the altar various symbols that had special meaning for them: A brooch from Beverley Clarke’s grandfather Reginald Oliver who fought in WW1 sent to Beverley’s mother. Photos of two uncles of Jeff Bishop – Harold Bishop and Ray Bishop - who died in service in WW 1. Photo of Alf Larson’s father Neils Julius Larson on the Western front. Photo of Allan Asquith’s father-in-law Duncan Chisholm Allen on a camel in the Middle East. St Margaret’s News 6 November 2018