St Margaret's News November 2018 - Page 12

Crown of Splendour A friend recently introduced me to an App for smart phones that looks at a photo you provide and attaches an appropriate Bible verse to it. When I first logged on to the App, it selected a few photos from those on my phone and attached verses to them to show me what was possible. At left is one of those - was it really necessary for the App to convert the photo to greys? Contributions Wanted All members of St Margaret’s and the broader Hackett-Downer- Watson community are invited to contribute articles and photo- graphs about things that have happened or are going to happen at the St Margaret’s/Holy Cross complex or in the local community. Articles about members of the community’s own involvements in things of interest to others in the community may also be submitted for potential publication. The deadline for material for the next issue is 14 December 2018, with that issue being published on 21 December. Material should be given to the editor Brian Rope or to Lynda at the church office. It may be handwritten or typed. It may be posted, emailed or personally delivered. The Editor reserves the right to edit, or even not use, material. St Margaret’s News 12 November 2018