St Margaret's News April 2020 - Page 14

A hymn for families We thank you for our family Lord, For those who love and care, Who through all times of good and ill Are ever there to share. We thank you for the happy times Of laughter, stories, song, When hearts are warmed and memories shared And friendships made more strong. We thank you for the hands that help When we are weak and lame; For patient understanding when We are the cause of pain. We pray that we may always be Fair and kind and just To other family members and Be worthy of their trust. But tell, who is our family Lord? Parent, daughter, son? We all are children of one God; Together we are one! So mindful may we ever be Of human sanctity. Remembering that we are one world And one humanity. (May be sung to the tune “LUCIUS; 2 nd tune for AHB 367 or TIS 442)) - Jeff Bishop (Written many years ago for a Bishop family reunion) St Margaret’s News 14 April 2020