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Mice Cube Male | 3 years old | Grey DSH
Jasmine Female | 3 years old | Alaskan Malamute
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Ready for a Home

Mice Cube Male | 3 years old | Grey DSH

Mice Cube ’ s the name . You can call me MC cuz I ’ m the greatest emcee that ever will be ! I may not be “ straight outta Compton ” but I am a bit of a gangsta ’ as my name sake Ice Cube would say .
Let me explain . I was late to the show when it came to understanding good things come from people . I ’ m a lucky boy because I found my way to WSHS where people look beneath the surface and know that I can have a beautiful life with loving family and friends who want nothing more than to spoil my “ soft as a bunny ’ s fur ” self . I guess you never realize you wanted something you didn ’ t know existed .
Now that I do , I am embracing my skills lessons ! So many folks are helping me learn social boundaries and trust . I ’ m planning to get straight A ’ s on my report card when you come to visit with me . My ideal home will be one with all adults who have cat experience and no other pets . I can ’ t wait to show off what I have learned , so how about it ? Have your peeps call my peeps so we can meet up .

Jasmine Female | 3 years old | Alaskan Malamute

Hi , I ’ m Jasmine , and I ’ m an absolutely gorgeous Alaskan Malamute who is looking for her forever home . I need someone who loves a big dog with a big heart . My breed is hardworking , intelligent and affectionate . I ’ m a gentle giant who wants a couch big enough for me to snuggle up on !
I am all about getting attention from my people . I ’ ve got lots of tricks to get people to give me tummy rubs- I know exactly how much to tilt my head to get what I want ! My medium energy level means that I ’ m up for a long walk , but afterwards I want to chill out with you at home . Work hard , play hard !
I know my basic commands very well , and I would do well in advanced obedience or agility classes . Working with my brain will tire me out just as much as running around , so give me a puzzle toy or give me a job to do !
I need to be an only pet , but don ’ t worry , I ’ ll be enough for you . I prefer people to other dogs and cats . Cats are a big NO for me ; they aren ’ t going to like me . I need a human who is the leader of the pack , because if a Malamute doesn ’ t have a leader , they end up leading you , instead of the other way around . If my new home has kids , they should be 10 years or older . If you ’ re looking for a big , strong girl who is affectionate and loyal , and you don ’ t mind me leaving my hair everywhere , I ’ m the one for you ! Come in and meet me today !