Main article GUINEA GOOD NEWS By Gert Loubser and Jared Reddy In the last issue we told you about Mr. Stoltz’ travels to different parts of the world in search of opportunities for SNA. Thankfully these endeavours have paid off and in this article we’ll be telling you about projects that we’ve been appointed for in Guinea. It all started when the Guinean Minister of Finance requested recommendations from his friend for South African companies who could assist with roads projects that they were going to be putting out. This friend was Mamadou Saliou Diallo, a Guinean businessman who had relations with the Ruperts of South Africa. Raubex was recommended and Raubex asked SNA to join them as their Professional Team. Through this, SNA and Raubex were appointed to conduct a feasibility study for the Conakry to Kindia toll road. Conakry is a densely populated peninsula city with a harbour on the most western tip. This has resulted in very little land available for infrastructure development and severe traffic congestion. The congestion is so severe that all four highway lanes are converted to one-way traffic into town during the morning peak and vice versa during the afternoon peak. The feasibility study will include options to reclaim land from the ocean and build a 12km section of the toll road in the sea. Other features of the possible route will include a portion of the road traversing over a sensitive marsh area, two inter-urban interchanges as well as a section through breath taking valleys in the rural area en route to Kindia. This study will ultimately include traffic surveys, a Harbour Operational Study, marine studies for the reclamation of land and topographical surveys using LiDAR technology with drones. Figure 1. Our survey team during their daily morning river crossing SNA and Raubex were appointed to conduct a feasibility study for the Conakry to Kindia toll road. 1