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Small Town Times March 2016 Issue 1-6 The “Lucky” Issue Litchfield Public Schools PO Box 167 Litchfield, NE 68852-0167 Phone: 308-446-2244 Student Editors: Rachel Snow Justine Pickar Emilee Sweley Newsletter Advisor: Mrs. Nikia Hunt [email protected] Inside this Issue 1 2 Kidney Cancer Awareness 3 St. Patrick’s Day Recipes 4 General Funds Claims 5 School Board Meeting Minutes 7 9 Superintendent’s Report Senior Spotlight Principal/AD Report 10 Guidance Counselor Corner 11 12 15 March Lunch Menu March Activities & Events Calendar Kidney Cancer Awareness & Prevention By: Emilee Sweley The month of March is Kidney Cancer Awareness month. The most common type of kidney cancer in adults is renal cell carcinoma. Children are more likely to develop a type of kidney cancer called Wilms’ tumor. Kidney cancer begins in the cells of your kidneys. Multiple things can cause kidney cancer. A few of the factors include smoking, being male, being obese, taking certain pain medications for a long time, certain genetic conditions, family history of kidney cancer, being exposed to certain chemicals, and having high blood pressure. Smokers have twice the risk of having kidney cancer than nonsmokers, and men are twice as likely as women to get kidney cancer. Being overweight may cause changes to hormones that increase your risk. Taking over-the-counter drugs in addition to prescription drugs for an extended time can also cause cancer of this sort. Genetic conditions such as von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) disease can lead to kidney cancer. Being exposed to certain chemicals such as cadmium, benzene, organic solvents, and asbestos put you at a greater list. Doctors are unsure whether high blood pressure or the medication that is used to treat is the source of the associated increased risk of kidney cancer. To reduce your risk for kidney cancer, achieve and work to maintain a healthy weight, do not smoke, and avoid unnecessary exposure to chemicals. FBLA News & Updates Special Inserts: Wear orange this month to show support for those who battle kidney cancer! Yearbook Order Form Litchfield Boosters Forms for PostProm Party 2016 Image permission granted from Mayo Clinic 1