Small Town Times - Page 8

SUPERINTENDENTS REPORT CONTINUED… Special Education Contract with ESU 10 (20-22) Attached are all of the services that ESU 10 provides for the district. These services allow the district to share instructors and services and save the district in personnel costs. This approval is important at this time so ESU 10 may plan for its personnel for the 2016-17 school year. Motion: I recommend approval of the 2016-17 ESU service contract as presented at the meeting. Long Range Planning (no handouts at this time) The district is getting estimates for the following projects: - watering the grounds and grass fields, -clearing out trees and leveling the area north of the playground for additional parking at activity events, - removing fences on the north and south of the tennis court to create more parking - adding fence and additional playground to the north of the white building -putting up an electronic sign for the school and community. -two dealerships are looking for a suitable van similar to our present vans -These projects and estimates will be presented and discussed at the March meeting. Principal Contract (comparative data will be handed out at the meeting) The board will need to meet in executive session to consider the contract for Mr. Kjar for the 2016-17 school year. Comparative data will be presented for review and discussion. Motion As recommended and discussed at the meeting Evaluations Board members are reminded to complete the board and superintendent evaluations and give them to Mitch at the meeting on Monday night. Superintendent’s Report, Principal’s Reports, AD Report, and Counselor’s Corner brought to you by: Litchfield Public School’s Administrative Staff Superintendent Dr. Scott Maline 7-12 Principal/AD Mr. Brad Kjar PK-6 Principal/PK-12 Counselor Mrs. Cherie Kluender 8