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SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT CONTINUED… Watering System (20-1-20-3) We have two estimates on the installation of a sprinkler to water all of the grassy school grounds. Enclosed is an estimate from Tilley sprinklers and a second estimate from Johnson Lawn and Landscape is being prepared and will be shared at the meeting. Two other small venders declined to give bids because of the size and scope of the project. The board will review and discuss the estimates and may choose to proceed to move forward with this project and select a vendor with whom to work. Funding for this project will come from the depreciation account with set aside savings for equipment for such projects. Motion: As recommended at the meeting. Electronic School Sign (21-29) We have included several signs from two companies that would be appropriate for the district and community. After discussion at the board meeting the board may choose to proceed to move forward with this project and select a vendor with whom to work. Motion: As recommended at the meeting NCSA Government Relations Conference (30-39) On Wednesday, March 2, I attended a legislative conference in regard to current legislation. I have included some of the information and related comments in the summaries of the bills that may affect our district. It seems that most of the property tax reduction bills have not made it out of committee at this point in time due to the drastic effect they would have had on local, county, and school district revenue sources. Updated information regarding those bills is included. Custodial Meeting and Summer Maintenance Needs (40-42) Included in this report is a summary of our March custodial meeting and a list of summer maintenance projects. Graduation Date (43-44) The board will discuss the graduation date and decide on the appropriate day for graduation for our students and community. Next year Ansley is having their graduation on Sunday, May 14 and our initial plan for graduation was on Saturday, May 13. We have included our senior estimated hours for next year. It looks like the district could have graduation on the Saturday, May 6 if we would like the seniors to get out a week earlier. Please see the summary of hours regulated by rule 10. Motion: I recommend that Saturday May 6 be the date of graduation in 2017. Superintendent’s Report, Principal’s Reports, AD Report, and Counselor’s Corner brought to you by: Litchfield Public School’s Administrative Staff Superintendent Dr. Scott Maline 7-12 Principal/AD Mr. Brad Kjar PK-6 Principal/PK-12 Counselor Mrs. Cherie Kluender 9