Small Town Times - Page 6

SCHOOL BOARD MINUTES CONTINUED… Steve Heapy recommended approval of the proposal for leasing new computers for the district as presented in the related documents. Second by Bill Howard. Motion carried 6-0. Jim Holm recommended the district purchase the 2015 Ford Transit Wagon 350 from Joe’s Motors. Second by Steve Heapy. Motion carried 6-0. Steve Heapy recommended that the superintendent work with Susan Bice and the Howard Family in obtaining the lot as described above. Second by Bill Howard. Motion carried 6-0. Todd Wardyn made a motion to pull the fence out around the tennis court and table further discussion until more dirt bids come in. Second by Jim Holm. Motion carried 6-0. The discussion on an Electronic Sign was tabled as the board discussed the idea of working with the community club to place it down town and use it for community events and school events. Marie Sweley recommended that Graduation Day will be moved to the first Saturday of May as long as Litchfield Public School is not in violation of Rule 10 which will be May 6, 2017. Second by Todd Wardyn. Motion carried 6-0. Jim Holm made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 10:12 p.m. Second by Bill Howard. Motion carried 6-0. The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Education will be at 7:30 p.m. on April 18, 2016. The agenda is a continuous agenda and is available for examination during regular hours at the office of the Superintendent. Public notice of the meeting will be given in the Small Town Times Newsletter and in the Sherman County Times. Marie Sweley Board Secretary GENERAL FUND CLAIMS FEBRUARY, 2016 ANSLEY LUMBER 5.79; AS CENTRAL SERVICES 227.47; ASK SUPPLY 177.50; ALMQUIST MALTZAHN 104.00; ANSLEY PUBLIC SCHOOLS 2202.65; ROBERT BROTT 2000.00; CHARTER 578.28; CIT 1437.24; CUSTER PUBLIC POWER 3193.96; EGAN SUPPLY 52.60; ESSENTIAL SCREENS 41.00; ESU 10 5387.72; FARM CO-OP 1670.50; H&H HAY MOVING 375.00; HD SUPPLY 56.19; HOWARD TRANSPORTATION 96.15; J&J SANITATION 195.46; KEARNEY CLINIC 65.00; BRAD KJAR 33.48; SCOTT MALINE 192.56; MENARDS 248.04; NASB 2414.00; NCTC 89.86; NEBRASKALAND MAGAZINE 18.00; NETS 950.00; OFFICE NET 123.07; OMAHA WORLD HERALD 1220.00; P&D MARKET 159.94; PETTY CASH 1138.15; QUILL 384.58; KALLA SAWYER 430.72; SCHOLASTIC READING 318.00; SOURCE GAS 2124.13; UNITECH 258.80; VILLAGE OF LITCHFIELD 244.63; JOSH WILSON 720.46; FEBRUARY PAYROLL 159,673.80. 6