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Six Litchfield Students Claim State Honors in Art By: Allison Varah Nebraska’s State Art Show has been up for the month of March in Omaha’s Administrative Building. Litchfield has seven pieces in the show including: printmaking, photography, ceramics and metal sculptures. Students Tessa LeFever, Blaine Goodner, RaNay Casper, Rachel Linden, Wendy Brandt, and Michaela Reynolds all have pieces representing our school. Two students received Gold Key; Tessa LeFever received one for her piece entitled “Forget Me Not,” made out of clay. She explained the process saying, “I rolled it out and formed it while the clay was still very soft, then carved out a floral design. I filled it with a colored slip, then wiped away the excess to reveal my design.” Blaine Goodner received the other Gold Key for his metal sculpture, “Deer.” He explained, “I welded a buck mount out of scrap iron; I used a lot of cast iron gears and a variety of old chains including bailing chain. It turned out better than I thought it would.” Two other students received Silver Keys for their welded sculptures: Tessa LeFever and RaNay Casper. Tessa welded a giant butterfly with a 3.5 foot wingspan and RaNay Casper welded a turtle with movable feet. Litchfield had a wide range of projects that made it this year. Michaela Reynolds received Honorable Mention for a picture of her horse she took completely on her own last summer. Rachel Linden received a Silver Key for her “Pandora’s Box,” a ceramics piece of which she said, “It was fun making it.” Rachel has continued to challenge herself. For her first project the assignment was to make a small three dimensional object, she chose a tetrahedron! Wendy Brandt earned Honorable Mention in printmaking with her piece “A Rebels Mark” which plays with positive and negative space. We will be having an art show at the school in May where all kinds of art from the whole year will be on display to see. Hope you can make it up to see these pieces in person. Photos by Mrs. Allison Varah Giant Butterfly by Tessa LeFever (Silver Key Winner) “Forget Me Not” by Tessa LeFever (Gold Key Winner) “A Rebels Mark” by Wendy Brandt, Honorable Mention 4