Small Town Times - Page 11

SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT CONTINUED… of Litchfield Public Schools. Policies 905.07, 412.02, 508.05, 410.03 and 410.03.1 are included in your board packets and are recommended for 2nd reading approval. They include the policy in regard to the American Family Medical Leave Act and the new Staff Donation of Sick Leave Policy. Motion: I recommend the above policies for 2nd reading approval. Facility Management and Meeting Notes (25-28) Included in the board packet are notes from the custodial management meetings that Mr. Kjar and I have held with our custodial team. These meetings have helped to identify maintenance, facility and transportation needs during the first semester. Each meeting we review notes and accomplishments for the month and create new goals and improvements to be added. Teacher Negotiations (information handed out at meeting) A Teacher Negotiations meeting was held on Wednesday, January 6. Bill and Jim were in attendance and will share the notes, discussion, and offers made to date. The board and the teacher association will receive any new settlement information as it becomes available across the state each week. School Calendar (29) Enclosed is a copy of the proposed school calendar for 2016-17. This was put together by the administrative teams from both Ansley and Litchfield and is very similar to this year. However, under this calendar the students will begin one week later. Christmas vacation is shortened. It is important that our days and school times match as closely as possible to be able to match co-op practices and game schedules. A final approval will be recommended in February Co-op Meeting Friday January 29 A co-op board meeting has been set for Friday, January 29 at 11:30 AM in Ansley. The meeting will adjourn at 1:00 PM. Board and Superintendent Evaluation (handed out at meeting) All board members will be given superintendent and board evaluation forms. Board members and the administrative team are asked to please fill out both evaluations and give them to our new board president. Thank you for taking time to complete these evaluations. They are important for me and the board of education in our efforts to continue to improve in our respective roles in the district. Page 11 Superintendent’s Report, Principal’s Reports, AD Report, and Counselor’s Corner brought to you by: Litchfield Public School’s Administrative Staff Superintendent Dr. Scott Maline 7-12 Principal/AD Mr. Brad Kjar PK-6 Principal/PK-12 Counselor Mrs. Cherie Kluender