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Superintendent’s Report January 2016 Litchfield Public Schools Election of Board Officers for 2016 (Page 3) Upon opening the meeting Todd will proceed over the election of the new president. The new president will proceed to run the election for vice president and secretary- treasurer. At the meeting a list of board members who will be up for re-election in the fall will be available. Incumbent board members need to file for re-e lection of their board position by February 15. Approval of District Federal Programs Administrator It is necessary to approve an administrator each year as the federal program administrator for 2016. This is a requirement by the federal government. Motion: I recommend that the superintendent of Litchfield Public Schools, be approved as the district’s federal programs administrator for 2016. Technology Survey Results for Students and Staff (survey handed out at the meeting) This survey will be available on Wednesday night was used both last year and this year to assess the technology skills and knowledge of students and staff. Susan Poland helped put this survey into place and is one of our teacher leaders of our school improvement process. She will be available Wednesday night to help explain the growth in knowledge for both students and teachers. This survey and information will help build our “one-to-one” technology program of activities and goals for the coming year. Technology Proposal (4) Our administration and technology coordinators are recommending a new “One-to-One” technology plan. It is included in the board packet. Please know that prices are estimations at this point and at the February meeting we will have solid bids, which should be a lessor amount, for the new devices for all grade levels. This proposal has been created with careful study and input from our teaching and administrative staff and with consultation with area tech coordinators and ESU technology consultants. We believe the plan will keep our district on the cutting edge of teaching and learning technology. To pay for this lease the district will use Rural Education Funding (REAP), Title 1 grant Funding (when available), IDEA second round grand funding (when possible), and district funding for the balance of the lease. Long Range Planning (5-8) Enclosed in the packet is a review of the priorities and rankings that the board prioritized for continued improvement of facilities, transportation, and grounds in our district. The results of the board planning sessions during the last two meetings indicate the highest needs. They are listed in the handouts. Discussion of these projects will take place at the meeting and we will discuss the priorities and set direction for accomplishment of the projects. Continued page 9… Page Policies Review and Approval (12-23) Policy Updates (handed out at the December meeting) Please note that policy 406.02 was approved in August. Also know that the district obtained the newest policy manual written by the NASB. If Board members would like to review any policies from the newest manual they may do so. Also, note that not all policies recommended by the NASB are or need to be policies 10 Van Purchase (9,10,11) One of the priorities was the purchase of another van to assist the district with Transportation needs. We will begin looking for a used Van as soon as possible.