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LPS FBLA Sponsored Kid’s Fun Day! Saturday, February 13, 2016; 4pm-9pm @ LPS New Gym Parents, enjoy an evening out with your partner, while your kids play safely at Litchfield Public School’s Kid’s Fun Day! We will provide a pizza dinner, age-appropriate movies, and entertainment from 4pm-9pm on Saturday, February 13, 2016. To participate, please fill out the permission slip below and have your child return it, along with your cash or check for $15.00, to school by Wednesday, February 10th! Don’t miss out on date night, due to our absolute need to ensure each child has a great and safe time, spots are limited- get your place in our Kid’s Fun Day reserved today! -----------------------------------Return Bottom Portion with Payment--------------------------------------------------- I, ___________________________, give permission for my student, ____________________________, Parent/Guardian Name Student Name to attend Litchfield Public School’s Kid’s Fun Day on Saturday, February 13, 2016. I understand that I will be expected to provide transportation to and from the Litchfield Public School’s elementary school and will be there to pick my student up at or before 9pm. I understand that, should my child fail to be in attendance, there will be no refund as FBLA must purchase materials for this event. I agree to not hold Litchfield Public Schools liable for any injury or accident that may occur at this event. ______________________________________________ Parent/Guardian signature & date Contact Phone Number: __________________________________________________________ Student Allergies (if applicable): _________________________________________________ Student preference on pizza toppings (Please note, we will try to accommodate as many students as possible, but no guarantees are made that you will receive these exact toppings): ___________________________________________________________________ Additional Concerns or Things you would like us to know: _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 18 _____________________________________________________________________________________