Small Town Times - Page 10

Litchfield Public Schools Connected By: Mrs. Nikia Hunt Page * To follow our Facebook page- search “Litchfield Public Schools,” and find the picture of the big brick building, click “like” on our page. * To follow our Twitter feed- locate @LitchfieldPS and click “follow” * To submit information for consideration in the newsletter, website, Facebook, or Twitter pages, please email to 10 You may have noticed that Litchfield Public Schools has developed a new, more innovative and technologically inclined persona. Some new characteristics of Litchfield Public Schools more outgoing personality include an increased online presence. We now have a Facebook Page, Twitter account, school website, and online newsletter (coming this month!). These new online tools have allowed us to share more up-to-date information about school events and moments. We can now better connect to our community in a quicker and more efficient way. We often share positive events and accomplishments online to promote positivity in our school and in the community as a whole. We also post important information so that community members and students can access it instantly. When searching for information on happenings with Litchfield Public Schools, your first stop should be our website: Here, on the main/home page, you will find an updated list of sports events for each week. Additionally, you will find links to our bell schedule, school calendar, and lunch menu. Each link contains current information for the 2015-16 school year. From the main page you can navigate, via the dropdown “Menu” to view further information. The “About” link will take you to information on our school district, recent updates to our school, and some information about extracurricular events and classes offered through LPS. The “Administration, Faculty, and Staff” link will take you to a page containing information and links to each member of the LPS team. Teachers and Administrative Staff have links to take you to their own informational page, giving you a little more information about each one, their email address, and picture. Third on the link list is a “School Board” link. This link will take you to information about current school board members and happenings. Here, we post updated meeting information as well, including minutes, agendas, notices, and general fund information. Next you can navigate to the “Central Office” page. This page gives information on the ladies who run our central office. It also links to reports provided by each Administrator at LPS; the Superintendent’s Report and salary information, Principal/AD’s Report, and Counselor’s Corner can all be found here. If you click on the “Activities” link, you will navigate to a page hosting links to all extracurricular activities provided through LPS. Each sport/activity links to its own page giving further information. You can also link to sports physical forms and a monthly listing of activity events from this page. “Academics