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K-6 Students have Fun Time at State Fair Continued… The thing that was most memorable to these students was the world’s biggest pair of overalls. Emily Mostek, Faith Heapy, and Katherine Paitz had the opportunity to be part of a wheat presentation. They learned about different kinds of flour and about gluten and how it affected the bread dough. They got to tie pretzels! Lastly, they received cookies that were made from flour from wheat grown in Nebraska. Emily commented, “I had fun with helping and learning.” This group then headed over to the Game and Parks exhibit and shot air guns and bows, which was the highlight of Katherine Paitz’s day. Next, they visited the Birthing Pavilion, a building that holds cows, ewes, and sows giving birth to their young. They then went to the rescued dog Frisbee show. This show was Ashton Behmerwohld’s favorite thing about the fair. The BMX Bike Show was next on their agenda, followed by lunchtime. Afterward, they visited the 4-H Building; there they saw “lots of samples, lots of good samples,” according to Gavin Cole. They then returned to the Game & Park Exhibit. Finally, all the students were bussed back to Litchfield. When asked how the State Fair was, a couple responses were, “It was awesome!”, “I loved it!”, and “I wish the State Fair was every day!” October Events 9/28-10/2/2015 HOMECOMING WEEK! Monday- College Day Tuesday- Occupation Day Wednesday- Western Day Thursday- Throwback Day Friday- Spartan Spirit Day 10/1/2015 Pep Rally @ Mason City Park1:15 p.m. 10/2/2015 Homecoming Game vs. Burwell @ Ansley- 7 p.m. Dance to follow game 10/3/2015 Community Clean-up- 10 a.m. 10/7/2015 Late Start- 10 a.m. Flu Clinic- 1:30 p.m. 10/9/2015 End of first quarter 10/12/2015 Columbus Day 10/13/2015 FFA Pathway 2 Careers in G.I. 10/14/2015 School Pictures 10/19/2015 School Board Meeting- 7:30 p.m. 10/30/2015 No School 10/31/2015 Halloween Day FOR A MORE DETAILED ACCOUNT OF OCTOBER’S EVENTS, PLEASE SEE OUR 2 ACTIVITIES CALENDAR ON PAGE 17. Page Pictures by: Katheryn Sauer