Small Town Times November 2017 - Page 6

Principal’s Report OCTOBER 2017 1. JJ’s Cafe and Litchfield Elementary Reading Partnership a. Students track minutes with parents b. Rewards for free kids meal at JJ’s Cafe 2. Professional Development 9-22 a. Looked at Fall MAP Data b. Developed plan for beginning 5 year School Improvement Plan i. Literacy and Grammar ii. Ron Coniglio c. Problem Solving Committees met 3. Professional Development 10-4 a. Distributed Bullying Policy b. Watch ALICAP video on Bullying that staff were required to watch 4. Spanish European Trip with Mrs. Curlo and Spanish Elementary 5. Mentor Program for 6th grade with Mrs. Poland and National Honor Society 6. Report Cards will be mailed this week for Quarter 1 7. We will be including our NeSA scores for students with those mailings NOTICE: QUIZ BOWL WILL CONTINUE TO COLLECT NEW & USED SHOES. PLEASE SEND ANY SHOE DONATIONS TO THE SCHOOL OFFICE OR TO MRS. HUNT’S ROOM. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! CONGRATULATIONS RIFLE CLUB SILHOUETTE SHOOTERS By: Danielle McAuliff On Sept 30, 2017, Braydon Goodner, Parker LeFever and Nathan Wardyn attended the 2017 State Silhouette Shoot. Parker was recognized for 5 in a row on pig targets and also placed 1st in the light scope division. Nathan received 2nd place in the heavy iron divisio