Small Town Times November 2017 | Page 2

Senior spotlight Full Name: Rachel S. Linden Birthday: 9/13/1999 Nicknames: Rowdy, Rochelle, Rach, Pumpkin Hometown: Litchfield Favorite Color: Dark Blue/Black Favorite Movie: Matrix Trilogy/Mission Impossible Favorite Actor/Actress: Kate Winslet/Keanu Reeves Favorite Pastime: Fiction Books/Drawing/Music Favorite Music Artist: Billy Idol/Radiohead/Roxette Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Varah, Mr. & Mrs. Moser Favorite Author: Meg Cabot/Alycia Linwood Favorite TV Show: Lost/Hawaii 5-0/MacGyver Favorite Animal: Dog/Wolf Favorite Subject: English/Art Favorite Place to Shop: Dollar General/Mall Favorite Hangout: My room (it is always peaceful & quiet) Most Prized Possession: Camera/Necklaces Favorite Thing to do with Friends: Go to the movies Pets: Dogs- Boy, Sparky Cats- 4, not named Favorite Book/Magazine: The Outsiders/Taste of Home If You Could Be Anyone Else Who Would You Be?: Kiera Knightly because you could make a lot of good movies. Billy Idol because you could sing/play in an awesome band. Or Johnny Depp because you could make great movies for people to watch. Advice for Underclassmen: Enjoy school and have fun while you are there. Problem That Concerns You: Not having a lot of money Favorite Sport: Badminton/Archery Unique About You: That I am nice, quiet, and a team player Plans After High School: Go to college to be some type of artist Extracurricular Activities: Circle of Friends Favorite School Memory: Prom, and going to the Omaha Zoo with my CoF group. Quote to Live By: “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” National Espresso Day By: Rachel Linden National Espresso Day is on November 23. Espresso is not a particular type of coffee bean or a particular roast, it is a drink. Specifically it’s a particular type of coffee brewing method that uses high pressure to force nearly boiling water through finely ground coffee in 20-30 seconds.Espresso machines use 132 pounds per square inch of pressure to extract coffee. One shot of espresso requires 50 coffee beans. Espresso don’t have a set taste and the taste of the espresso varies with the amount of water, pressured used, the coffee beans, and even the crema. Espresso was invented in the beginning of the 1990s during the industrial revolution in Italy and Luigi Bezzera invented the solution to design a machine that would be able to deliver a concentrated cup of coffee in less than 30 seconds. Facts about Espresso 1. The Espresso has ⅓ less caffeine than drip coffee 2. The ideal brewing temp for espresso is 190 F to 195 F 3. Legend has it that in 9th century Ethiopian goat herder discovered coffee when he noticed how crazy the beans were making his goats 4. New Yorkers drink almost 7 times more coffee than other cities in the U.S. 5. Coffee is a psychoactive. At high doses it can make you see things, it can also kill you. 6. The lethal dose of caffeine is roughly 100 cups of coffee. 7. On average men drink more coffee than women (1.7 cups per day vs 1.5 cups) 8. A French doctor in the 1600s suggested Cafe Au Laits for patients inspiring people to begin adding milk to coffee 9. French philosopher Voltaire is said to have drank 50 cups of coffee a day because he ruled 10. Hawaii is the only state to commercially grow coffee, 37% of coffee drinkers drink their coffee black; while 63% add sweetener like sugar Celebrate National Espresso day with a brewed cup of espresso. 2