Small Town Times May Newsletter - Page 14

Small Town Times May 2018 Matt Drew Principal Report Matt Drew 4-16-18 1.Students have signed up for classes, now creating schedule A. Dual Credit- Psychology and Sociology, Possibly some business classes B. Nine for High School Band 2. Preschool Update A. Half Wall B. Teacher working towards endorsement C. Additional 15 Professional Development hours 3. Music Program A. Mr. Hiebner Requests next board meeting 4. Curriculum A. Science will be changing B. Organizing our business program C. Ag program is following pathways D. April 25th ELA with Elementary 5. ACT online went well, finishing up NSCAS testing 6. Elementary Track Meet May 4; in Litchfield 7. Graduation May 5th 8. NETA this week GENERAL FUND CLAIMS FOR APRIL 2018 A.M.G.L. 100.00; ANSLEY LUMBER 40.46; ANSLEY PUBLIC SCHOOL 3053.16; BETTER LIFE 97.60; BLACK HILLS ENERGY 2363.71; CHARTER BUSINESS 481.28; CUSTER PUBLIC POWER 2915.51; DAS STATE ACCOUNTING 234.93; ESU10 5398.36; EGAN SUPPLY CO 41.80; FIRST CARE MEDICAL 175.00; GIRLS LIFE 19.95; HERMITAGE ART 53.56; HEWLETT PACKARD FINANCIAL 2579.04; JIM’S TRENCHING 75.00; JOSTENS 65.97; JOAN KOHLS 337.83; MCGRAW HILL 169.47; MID AMERICAN RESEARCH CHEMICAL 1244.78; MOSAIC 1743.68; NASB 120.00; NCTC 167.48; NE SCIENTIFIC 64.45; NETA 596.00; OFFICE NET 663.35; P & D MARKET 53.97; P.G.HG. 6712.75; PETTY CASH 1800.77; SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIRS 398.88; VC HOWARD HAY 30.00; VILLAGE OF LITCHFIELD 387.95; WEX BANK 1570.64; APRIL PAYROLL 175604.92 Adult Aids are needed for the 2018-2019 After School Program. Please contact Mrs. Poland for more information. 14