Small Town Times May Newsletter | Page 2

Continued from page 1—Mrs. Sadler Retires career. She went to a new country school every year on March 1st, attended high school in New Elweelen. She graduated in 1953, then I went to Kearney State College which then, was called Nebraska State College. All of her college work has been at UNK. Since Mrs. Sadler is an amazing teacher and has helped many students graduate. The history of her teaching began in 1953 in a rural school by Hyannis NE for six years followed by teaching in a Kearney school for three years. She then stayed at home with her daughter for 20 years, then I came back to teaching. Her first job interview was at Litchfield and that was 29 years ago. Sadler recalls, “I was hired to do special education, and later on, Spanish. I taught Spanish for 3 years.” When asked what Mrs. Sadler will do when she is retired she simply shrugged and said “I don’t know, watch TV, and play some cards!” With teary eyes and a heavy heart, Mrs. Sadler said the thing she will miss the most will be working with all the students at Litchfield. Good luck and best wishes in your retirement Mrs. Sadler. You touched so many lives in your time at Litchfield and you will always be remembered. The community is invited to an open house honor- ing Mrs. Sadler on May 21 at from 12:30-2:00 in the school lunchroom. Freshman Compete in State-Wide Stock Market Game The SIFMA Foundation's acclaimed The Stock Market Game™ program is an online simula- tion of the global capital markets that engages students grades 4-12 in the world of econom- ics, investing and personal finance, and pre- pares them for financially independent fu- tures. More than 600,000 students take part every school year across all 50 states. The Stock Market Game has reached 17 million students since its inception in 1977. SIFMA Associates state, “Students who played The Stock Market Game™ scored significantly higher on mathe- matics and financial literacy tests than their peers that did not play.” All eleven freshman competed in the Stock Market Game as part of the curriculum in In- troduction to Business class taught by Lynette Finley. Mrs. Finley likes to involve the stu- dents in this real life activity as it teaches the kids about not only investments but risk, portfolio management, the economy and how it affects business. The students played the game for 12 weeks. Teams were formed in early January and students studied different stocks, the history of the company, and the economy effects on the business and stock price. The students were giving $100,000 to build their portfolio. The game ended on April 12 th with one team finishing in the top 5 statewide with an overall gain of $17,882.07. 219 teams competed in the statewide game. All teams competing finished in the top 75. Left: 5th place winners in State-Wide Stock Market Game Faith Heapy, Emily Mostek, David Poff