Small Town Times March Newsletter - Page 6

February Superintendent Report February 19, 2018 2018-2019 Calendar . Motion: I recommend approval of the 2018-2019 Calendar as presented. ESU 10 Contract Review and Approval. Attached are contracts from ESU 10. All of these contracts are part-time individuals who come to the school when we have special education needs. These contracts save the district from hiring half-time or full time in- dividuals to serve our students special education population. Motion: I recommend approval of the ESU 10 contracts for 2018-2019 as presented. Joint COOP meeting with both boards. Ansley’s board would like to have a joint COOP meeting with the boards to openly discuss moving forward with the COOP. How we can improve and any other issues. Building and Grounds. -Mr. Klempke was in the building last week to discuss tree removal on the south side of the parking lot. -Track facility improvements. Mr. Blauvelt will be here to discuss the changes for the runways and throwing pads for discus and Shot put. -The home side basketball bracket have been completed by Howard’s. Weight Room Improvements Mr. Drew and Mr. Blauvelt will be giving a presentation and give cost estimates to make upgrades to the weight equipment. Personnel/Staff Letters of Intent/2018-2019 Staffing I gave faculty a letter of intent to indicate whether they plan on coming back and if they are will they be mov- ing on the pay scale by taking graduate hours. Principal’s Evaluation & 2018 – 2019 Contract. We can go into executive session to discuss Mr. Drew evaluation and contract numbers.