Small Town Times March Newsletter | Page 2

Senior Spotlight Full Name: Chanachon Boonphakdee Birthday: December 7 th , 1999 Nickname: Nam Hometown: Chonburi, Thailand Favorite Color: Red Favorite Movie: Battle for Los An- geles National Pi Day By Marissa Zentz Did you know that there are approximately 2.7 TRILLION digits in the number Pi? On March 12, 2009, the Unit- ed States House of Representa- tives passed the non-binding res- olution (111 H. Res. 224) to make March 14 National Pi Day. The entire month of March was cele- brated as Pi Month in 2014. This day has been observed in many ways, including eating actual pie and discussing the greatness of the number Pi. Did you know that on 3/14/15 at 9:26:53 AM and PM, the date and time to- gether were the first 10 numbers of the irrational number? These are just some facts on the day we celebrate called National Pi Day! Favorite Actor/Actresses: Samuel L. Jackson Favorite Music Artist: Thomas Bergersen Favorite TV Show: Last Week To- night with John Oliver Favorite Author: William H. Keith Jr. Favorite Book/Magazine: Halo: Fall of Reach Favorite Place to Shop: Laemtong Favorite Animal: Dog Do you have any pets? If so, list them: Jedi Favorite Pastime or Hobby: Play- ing video games Favorite Hangout: Friend’s House Favorite thing to do with Friends: Nerf War Favorite thing to do in your spare time: Write Novels Favorite School Memory: Being able to coach 6 th grade soccer Most prized possession: My phone Favorite Sport: Soccer Favorite Subject: History Extracurricular Activities: Basket- ball and Rifle Club Favorite Teacher: Mr. Hiebner What are your plans after high school? Go to university and ma- jor in Aerospace Engineering What are your lifetime goals? Be- ing able to live my life the way I want without any concerns. Problem that concerns you the most: Not being able to get things done in time in high quality. What is unique about you? I al- ways do things to the best of my abil- ity. Even if I get things done late. If you could be anyone else who would you be? No one because I like who I am. Advice to underclassman: “Don’t be afraid of the future. Embrace it and let it take you to brand new heights.” National Dress in Blue Day By Siarah Willenberg lost her father and friend to this disease and wanted to raise awareness about it. This started as a school program encouraged by Anita, and then she brought the idea to the Colon Cancer Alli- ance in 2009. So let’s be like Anita and raise awareness for colon cancer. National Dress in Blue Day takes place on March 2. This day is to raise awareness for colon cancer, and encourages you to learn about this disease, just like wearing a pink ribbon for breast cancer. Dress in Blue Day also fundraises for screenings, re- search, and education awareness. Colon cancer mostly occurs with- out symptoms so having a screen- ing is vital. A woman by the name of Anita Mitchell, a stage 4 colon cancer survivor, came up with this day. She did this because she