Small Town Times December Newsletter - Page 17

November Superintendent Report Litchfield Public Schools November, 2019 State Education Conference State Education Conference in Omaha is on November 20 th to 22 nd . I have registered April, Bill and myself to attend. Plan on leaving around 1:30 – 2:00 on Wednesday. District Audit The district audit was conducted on October 7 th . I have added to your board packets the copy of our 2018-19 An- nual Financial Report. This report has been submitted to NDE and the State Auditors. Classified Employee Grievance Policy 402.05R2 I have enclosed a copy of the NASB Grievance Policy 402.05R2 for Classified Staff. This would actually give us a policy to follow if we have to deal with a grievance from a classified employee. The Certified Staff Grievance is part of the negotiation that is currently taking place. Building and Grounds -Nothing new on the finishing up the landscaping around the new road with Johnson Landscaping. As men- tions before, they will need to move some sprinklers first. -Did not get anything from Trane on the possible Air Conditioning in Spartan and Trojan Gyms. Another engineer will be here on Tuesday, November 19 th . We will talk with them at the Conference in Omaha this week. -Jim Goodner said he will contact us when they get a price set for the land and house down by the football field. He will discuss it with his people. -Cole Electric replaced all lights in the Spartan Gym. Said that we may want to look into replacing current lights with LED lighting. They will also be putting in some outlets on the outside in back of the blue building for plugging busses in during the winter. Board and Superintendent Evaluations I have enclosed evaluation forms the self-evaluation of the board and the superintendent evaluation on me. Mitch has asked me to ask that each board member complete each evaluation and return to him by the December meet- ing. Negotiations The LEA has a meeting on Friday, (November 15 th ), and should have an updated response from the first meeting with Mitch and Marie. Mitch will not be here but we could go into executive session and discuss what has been discussed thus far and further discuss their counter offer of response.