Small Town Times December Newsletter - Page 13

Dear Santa, I want you to have a great life. How are you doing? I hope everything is well. I want a toy phone for Christmas and a toy car. Have safe travels. Your friend, Braxton Dear Santa, I wish for a present. I wish for a zebra or maybe a phone? If it’s not too expensive?? How are you doing Santa? Thank you Santa for delivering presents to everyone. Thank you, Koy Z. Dear Santa, What cookie should I leave for you? I don’t have a chimney, you’ll have to come through the door. Mom won’t tell me what you look like. I wish for a phone or a Hatchimal if a phone is too expensive. Thank you for giving presents. Your friend, Jozzie Left: Kaylee Rohde with her artwork Right: Kathryn Paitz with her artwork Both girls are in the 8th grade.