Small Town Times April Newsletter - Page 9

Small Town Times Quiz Bowl Competes Locally By: Nam Boonphakdee The Litchfield high school quiz bowl team had a good run this season. The team, com- prising of Sidney Sweley, Rebecca Mostik, Seth Willenberg, Emily Snow, Siarah Willen- berg, Wendy Brandt and Chanachon Boon- phakdee, had put their knowledge of history, science, mathematics and all other school subjects to the ultimate test as they battled through the season. The team had the first quiz bowl meet at Callaway on January 30 and won 2 out of the 4 matches. The s econd meet was at Halsey on March 5, in which the team didn’t win any of the two matches that they played (the first match was lost by a hair, while the other match was lost due to a tech- nical mal- function). The last and larg- est meet that the team participated in was at the Uni- versity of Nebraska at Kearney on March 6, in which the team won 1 of the 3 matches. April 2018 The Junior High team had also done well this season. The team consisting of Nathan Wardyn, Emily Mostik, Caylee Rohde, Bran- dee Slocum, Shamane Zentz, Chloe Ellison and Calvin Finnley, competed at two meets. The first meet was at MNAC conference host- ed by Anselmo- Merna on Febru- ary 26, where the team won 3 out of the dozen or so matches they participated in. The second meet was at UNK and hosted by ESU 10 on March 14. Here, the team lost both of their rounds, resulting in their imme- diate knock-out from the event. Overall, the teams did a wonderful job this season. Even though the record may seem modest, both teams had put in a lot of effort to make it one of the best seasons we’ve had so far. Good luck next year to the team!■ Sing Around Nebraska By: Siarah Willenberg Litchfield had the honor of sending some elementary students to Kearney for Sing Around Nebraska on Feb- ruary 10. Several schools in this area came together and had a day of practicing songs, and even a group dance, most of the day, and then performed for an audience in the evening. Each teacher selected between 5– 10 stu- dents. “The kids at Litchfield worked hard before this event, even during lunch, and were well prepared,” said Mr. Hebner, the Litchfield Music Teacher. “Overall, when the group of kids were put together with the other schools, the final performance was a success.” The kids practiced hard all day to make the performance their very best.■ 9