Small Town Times April Newsletter - Page 3

Small Town Times Full name: Ronnie Rollin Bay Birthday: September 21, 2000 Nicknames: Ron, Ron-dawg, Ronster Hometown: Lincoln Favorite Movie: Grown Ups Favorite Teacher: Mr. John- April 2018 son Favorite Subject: Math Extracurricular activities: Foot- ball, Wrestling, Track Favorite Color: Red Favorite Author: Gordon Korman Favorite Music Artist: Machine Gun Kelly Plans after High School: Join the Workforce Favorite TV Show: Ridiculous- ness Favorite Hangout: none Favorite Book/Magazine: Un- gifted Most Prized Possession: Pic- ture of my mom Favorite Thing to do with Friends: Chill Pets: none Favorite Actor/Actress: Johnny Depp Advice to Underclassmen: Don’t be like me Favorite Thing to do in Spare Time: Listen to Music If you could be anyone else who would it be: Myself Lifetime goals: Be successful and prove all the people who doubted me wrong Favorite school memory: Dur- ing summer weights my soph- omore year, Jacob, Marshall, Nate and I were playing foot- ball. Nate tackled Jacob caus- ing him to brake his ankle by stepping in a hole. Then we loaded Jacob in the back of Marshall’s pickup and drove home. Favorite Pastime: Listening to music Favorite Animal: Polar bear Favorite place to shop: Walmart Unique about you: Great sense of humor■ who would it be: a lottery win- Full name: Jacob Lee Swearingen Birthday: February 2, 2000 Nicknames: Jake, King Jacob Hometown: Litchfield Favorite Movie: Smokey & the Bandit Favorite Teacher: Ms. May Favorite Subject : Science & Welding Extracurricular activities: none Favorite Color: Black or blue Favorite Author: Ellen Hopkins Favorite Music Artist: none Plans after High School: Work and college Favorite TV Show: The Walk- ing Dead Favorite Hangout: Driving around Favorite Book/Magazine: Die- sel World Most Prized Possession: none Favorite Thing to do with Friends: Cruise Pets: none Favorite Actor/Actress: Clint Eastwood Advice to Underclassmen: Don’t be dumb Favorite Thing to do in Spare Time: Work and make money If you could be anyone else ner Lifetime goals: Be successful Favorite school memory: Be- ing crowned prom king Favorite Pastime:Watch TV Favorite Animal:Sloth Favorite place to shop: At a Store Unique about you: Smart aleck Quote to live by: “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but i can adjust my sails to always reach my destina- tion.” - Jimmy Dean■ 3