Small Town Times April Newsletter | Page 2

Small Town Times April 2018 Tyren Ann Marie Howard Birthday: 8/19/99 Nicknames: Ty, T, Tyrone, Tyroni Balognia Hometown: Litchfield Favorite Movie: How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Kenney Favorite Subject : Graphic Design/ Yearbook Extracurricular activities: FBLA, National Honor Society, Student Council, and TADA Favorite Color: Blue Favorite Author: Julie Buxbaum Favorite Music Artist: Garth Brooks Plans after High School: Study Business at UNK Favorite TV Show: One Tree Hill Favorite Hangout: my house or a friends Favorite Book/Magazine: just friends Most Prized Possession: My mom’s wedding ring Favorite Thing to do with Friends: cruise Pets: 1 dog, Buddy Favorite Actor/Actress: Matthew McConaughey and Reese With- erspoon Advice to Underclassmen: Listen to your teachers they actually know what they are talking about. Also, make sure to enjoy every year lead- ing up to senior year because that’s when it gets stressful. Favorite Thing to do in Spare Time: bake Lifetime goals: Be Happy Favorite school memory: Joe falling up or down stairs at least twice a week or the week I told everyone the Reese Witherspoon joke. Favorite Pastime: Shopping or driv- ing around listening to music Favorite Animal: Horses Favorite place to shop: Buckle or Target Unique about you: My thumb- print Quote to live by: For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11) ■ Full name: Wendy Leigh Brandt Birthday: December 7, 1999 Nicknames: Wendle Hometown: Mason City Favorite Movie: Treasure Planet Favorite Teacher: Mr. Friscop Favorite Subject :Art Extracurricular activities: FBLA, FFA, Quiz Bowl, and One Act Favorite Color: Burgundy Favorite Author: Riordan Favorite Music Artist: Too many to decide, most country and some pop Plans after High School: Get a good paying job and start building a life for myself Favorite TV Show: Stoked Favorite Hangout: Any body of Water Favorite Book/Magazine: The Outsiders Most Prized Possession: My Phone Favorite Thing to do with Friends: Fishing, hanging out, driving around, bonfire Pets: Lots of dogs, specifically mine Maggie Favorite Actor/Actress: Johnny Depp Advice to Underclassmen: Don’t freak out too much about your grades, just do your work when you’re supposed to and it’ll be fine Favorite Thing to do in Spare Time: Sleep If you could be anyone else who would it be: It’s an impossible thing. Why would I waste my time thinking about it. Lifetime goals: Not to live paycheck to paycheck Favorite school memory: I would have to be recess in 5th & 6th grade, when we somehow found the resources laying around for everyone to build forts Favorite Pastime: I feel like this is the same thing as favorite thing to do in spare time, so sleep. Favorite Animal: That’s a hard question, I like all animals. Favorite place to shop: I’m a shopaholic, anywhere I can buy things is my favorite place to shop. Unique about you: I’m a really laid back person, I could care less about a whole lot of things Quote to live by: Keep your soul clean and your boots dirty.■ 2