Small Town Times April Newsletter - Page 15

Small Town Times April 2018 Career and Technical Education curriculum review (Ag, Business and Industrial Tech) (pg. 8 – 16) Attached are pathway offerings that are required by NDE to have official Career & Technical Education Pro- grams to qualify for Perkins funding. I have marked the pathways that we have offered the past two years in our Career and Technical areas of Ag, Business and Industrial Tech. NRCSA Spring Conference I will be attending the NRCSA Spring Conference in Kearney on March 22 nd and 23 rd . Litchfield Schools will be receiving a plaque for “Closing the Achievement Gap” in the area of Math. Our test scores show that the gap between our Free and Reduced Lunch students and Non-free and Reduced Lunch stu- dent has closed by the improvement of F/R lunch students. Principal Report Matt Drew 3-20-18 Graduation Update 1. Will begin Student Class Schedules a. Drama/Speech as a Class b. Building up Band- Require Band/Choir c. Junior High d. Business Reconfiguration e. English 7 and English 8 Preschool update Elementary Curriculum Review A. Math Good B. Reading Good C. Social Studies ¾ going to change D. Science- New Standards i. OER- Open Ended Resources Academic Pep Rally 3-19-18 A. Guest Speaker- Ms. Kathy Schall- Doctor, C. Rewards for Improvement D. Set Goals with Teachers Graduate, Good Talk 15