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Principal ’ s Report JANUARY 2017
Superintendent ’ s Report Continued …
School Calendar ( 5 ) Included in this report is a tentative Calendar for the 2016-17 school year . Mr . Mroczek , Mr . Finley and I worked through the calendar with requests and suggestions from both districts . Mr . Finley will review the final calendar and give a summary of the calendar on Monday night . We would ask the board to review the calendar this month , and hopefully with minor corrections in place , make final approval in February .
Long Range Planning ( 6-9 ) I have summarized the planning that the board of education has done the past several years . Included for discussion are areas and projects that have not been accomplished to date . At the board meeting we would like all board members to review the materials and be ready to add new ideas and projects to the list of district considerations and future planning . I will address a few areas for consideration and I think the process will be good transition planning for Mr . Finley and help him to understand how the district has planned to make improvements each year .
NASB Legislative Issues Conference January 22 and 23 Enclosed is the brochure for the NASB Legislative Issues conference to be held on Sunday , January 22 and Monday January 23 . I will be attending the meeting on Monday . Please note the Governor will be scheduled to address the membership . If any board members would like to attend , they are asked to let me know so I may make appropriate arrangements .
Transition of the New Superintendent ( 11-69 ) During this semester the transition of duties for Mr . Finley has already begun . He will be involved in every process and decision that the superintendent makes . He will also be helping to transition a new principal this summer . The biggest transition piece for Mr . Finley will be to create the budget . I have attached a suggestion for the transition plan that I believe will help Wade to enter into his first year as a superintendent . Motion : as needed and / or recommended at the meeting .

Principal ’ s Report JANUARY 2017

Grades 4-8 and 9-12 will be attending a Digital Citizenship / Online Safety assemblies in Loup City put on by the County Attorney . The date was originally going to be on January 18 th but has been moved to February 1 st . Through the Farm to School program , Gary and Diane Feldman have donated a beef for our school lunch program . We will be having our first meal on January 19 th and give a presentation to recognize the donation given to the school by the Feldman ’ s . We are also going to recognize Trotters for their donations and contributions through the greenhouse . Plus , the Sherman Valley Farm Bureau for their monetary donation . The Cattlemen ’ s Association , Nebraska Beef Council and the Center for Rural Affairs will also be in attendance . During our January 25 th teacher in-service we will be having our School Improvement team give their presentation which they will be giving to the external visitation team on February 8 th . Staff will also be renewing their CPR and Epi-Pen training . We finished up our Winter MAPS testing last week .