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Superintendent ’ s Report DECEMBER 2016
New Superintendent Contract Approval ( copy of contract will be handed out at the meeting ) We are pleased to announce that Wade Finley will be the new superintendent at Litchfield next year . Four candidates were interviewed on December 10 by the board of education and teacher interview teams . They were all excellent candidates and Wade was selected at the end of the day as the most outstanding and qualified candidate that would best meet the needs of the Litchfield school district . The new superintendent ’ s contract will be approved at the board meeting Monday night . Motion : I recommend that Wade Finley be approved as the new superintendent for the 2017-18 school year and be offered the contract as presented for a total salary of $ 97,000 .
New Principal Discussion and Superintendent Transition The board will discuss the process and timeline of hiring of a new principal for the 2016-17 school year and the transition process for both a new superintendent and new principal . I will share with the board a timeline of events for those transitions and the budget building process for the district and Mr . Finley prior to the beginning of 2017-18 school year .
Policy Approval ( Pages 3-6 ) Policy Updates Board Policy Recommendations by NASB ( Pages ) Two policies have been forwarded to the district and are recommended by the NASB . They are 509.03 and 804.01 Motion : I recommend the above policies for 2nd reading approval .
Buildings and Grounds / Transportation Update Gym Doors The north and south gym doors have been replaced and are a great addition to the gym . The gym is much warmer during cold weather and the new doors have helped seal both entrances from inclement weather . They were installed by State Glass , the same company who installed our windows in the elementary building .
Cafeteria Door Seals Mark has the new seals for the exterior cafeteria doors and is waiting on the specified screws to attach the seals that are on special order . He will try and get the new door seals on during the winter break .
New Coil for Air Condition Unit On December 15 a new coil was scheduled to be installed . Because of unavailability of the unit the repair has been postponed for over a month . Hopefully by Monday the coil will be in place and working properly .
Light in Parking Area Cole Electric put up a light on the northeast corner of the blue building which helps to lighten up the north parking areas . They also installed an electrical receptacle for our scoring table in the new bleachers .
Extended Berm in South Parking Lot John Kohls will add additional dirt to the south parking area and do some additional grading to assist the school district and city in channeling water drainage that flows from rains into city ’ s drainage path on the west side of Main street . We hope the design will help keep homes dry and away from the drainage routes that flow from north to south down Main Street .
2007 Bus Repair Last week the 2007 bus lost its hydraulic system and the system is being repaired at Titan Machinery in Kearney . They will replace the entire unit .
Lunch Program Information ( 7-20 ) During this discussion the board will review aspects of our lunch program and the requirements for collection of lunch bills as required by the federal government . A copy of the “ Lunch Program Billing Procedures ” is attached for board information and review .
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