Small Town Times 2-6 - Page 5

Christmas Concert Success ! By : Joseph Ptacnik
On December 15 , 2016 the annual holiday Christmas program was held in the Trojan gym . Mrs . Barbara Ellis stated , “ I am impressed with my students and all the hard work they have put in for this program and I would also like to thank the staff , parents , and the students who helped with this program . I really appreciate it . I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year .” During the hour-long musical production , Leonie Krahn and Wendy Brandt played piano together . Shelby Behmerwohld and Megan Wood played the piano with Mrs . Ellis accompanying . Soloists for the evening included Shamane Zentz , Alyson Adams , Megan Wood , Wendy Brandt , Emily Mostek , Tessa Shafer , Alana Betke , Faith Heapy , Alison Holm , Kamden Barker , Kylee Zulkoski , Macie Slocum , Giovani Morales , Malynn Boyles , Jimmy Fletcher , Lane Slocum , Maggie Runyan , Ava Paitz , Gracie Reitz , Cadence Feldman , Carter Wood , and Walker Skrdla . The program began with the band , choir students , then pre-k through fourth singing various Christmas songs , and ended with a visit from the “ Big Guy in Red .”
Don ’ t Buy into “ Fad ” Diets this New Year ! By : Tyla Runyan There is a lot of focus on weight loss , especially after Christmas , and some fad diets are not what they say they are . Rapid Weight loss diets have you lose weight quickly along with muscle , bone and water and you will be more likely to regain the pounds quickly afterwards . Diets that allow limited quantities of any food get boring and to eat the same thing over and over makes it hard to stick with the same plan . Avoid any diet that eliminates or severely restricts entire food groups , it ' s not good for you . Strict menus can be overwhelming , and distasteful ; plus , they aren ’ t very fun . “ No need to exercise ” is not a good strategy either ; physical activity is necessary for good health . The key is to find some kind of exercise that you enjoy and try to do it every day .