Small Town Times 2-5 - Page 10

(…Superintendent’s Report continued) Rule 10 Approval (Separate handout) Once again this year, the district was approved as a certified district. Many people take this approval for granted, but it is important for all board members to read and understand the many requirements for certification for the Litchfield district. Those requirements for approval are becoming more difficult with higher standards each and every year. I have enclosed in the packet of information a copy of Rule 10 and requirements for Litchfield to stay certified as a school district. Strict requirements in staffing, organization, curriculum offerings, teacher preparation/qualification, attendance, and board policies are included in this rule. All board members should review this rule and understand what is required of the board, the administration and staff each year in order to be approved as a school district. Each year I go over every Rule 10 requirement with our building principal to make sure the district is meeting requirements. That process takes about a month during several administrator meetings and the administrative team then takes action to improve and/or describe to the department of education how the district will improve any deficiencies that are occurring. Any deficiencies must be corrected over a period of time. School District Audit (separate handout) Included in the packet is a summary of the audit that was completed last month by our auditors. We will briefly discuss and review a few highlights of the audit and review our financial situation in preparation for beginning the 2017-18 budget. Long Range Planning (25-28) A summary of the long range planning for 2015-16 is included in the packet this month. We will discuss the progress that has been made this past year and what the planning wishes of the board are at this time. I have also included the summary that board members and administrators completed that ranked each project from #1 priority to #25 priority. The top 10 requested projects are marked with a star . It may be a good idea to begin this planning after a new superintendent has been hired so he/she may participate in that meeting. Superintendent and Board of Education Evaluation (separate handouts) Included in your packet are evaluations for me and the board of education. Board members are asked to complete the evaluations and give them to Mitch at the December meeting. Board Meeting Change of Date in March Please know that I will be taking time off in March to go to NZ to see my daughter and grandchildren. I have talked with Mitch about my absence and we decided to move the March meeting up one week to March 13 so I will be available to be at the meeting. I will be leaving on March 16 and will be back in school on Wednesday April 4. New Superintendent Search Discussion This topic was added to the agenda if the board of education would like to discuss the process or discussion of the process for hiring a new superintendent. Mitch may like to summarize the process to date. Executive session may be needed for this discussion. 10