Small Town Times 2-4 - Page 8

“100 Year Celebration” continued… Phyllis Swanson Rasmussen graduated from Litchfield in 1950. Her father was a janitor. She is proud to say that she attended Litchfield for 12 years. She noted that the fire escape was recess. Also she remembers that the WPA ladies made lunch and the fee was 3 cents. RoJean Arnold went to country school before coming to the high school. What differed for here the most was that there was an indoor bathroom. Hot lunch was 25 cents. The girls had to wear dresses. Volleyball was the only sport in the early ‘60s. They got 6 hits and there were 8 girls on the floor. They wore a white and blue one piece. They only practiced during physical education because the boys practiced basketball after school. She remembers the cook was German and she loved her sauerkraut. They had a large band that would march around town during first hour and they were the halftime entertainment. The football players didn’t have a halftime to stretch and get talked to because they marched also. They practiced band at noon hour because of sports. They made their own dresses for prom and homecoming. Eldon Epley was the superintendent at Litchfield. He came in 1975. One of his many memories was Mitch Feldman coming up to him as a Kindergartener and said, my name is Mitchell but you can call me Mitch. He would like to thank everyone on the school board. He said that the school board meetings back then were much longer and they didn’t end until 12:30 and they had to use flashlights. He was very proud that Litchfield won 5 of the first 7 academic bowls. Mr. Epley noted, “I appreciate everything the community has done for me.” After the keynote speakers spoke there was a short intermission before the question panel where Rogene Arnold, Dudley Friskopp, Kathy Dobesh, Ken Woolery, Marvin Beck and Phyllis Rasmussen answered questions from students and audience members. We thank them for their time. Litchfield School would like to thank everyone who brought in memorabilia items. Also the school would like to thank everyone who made this day happen! Here’s to another 100+ years at LPS! 8