Small Town Times 2-10 | Page 2

~ Senior Spotlight ~ Full Name: Tyler James Wood Birthday: June 12, 1999 Nicknames: Buckshot, Woody Hometown: Litchfield Favorite Music Artist: Kenney Chesney Favorite Subject: Shop Favorite Hangout: Anywhere Favorite Animal: Dog Favorite Color: Blue Favorite Hobby: Hunting, Fishing, Shooting Favorite Place to Shop: Cabela’s Favorite TV Show: Tom & Jerry Favorite Teacher: Mr. Johnson Favorite Sport: Football Favorite Book/Magazine: Hunting magazines Do you have any pets: Three dogs Extracurricular Activities: FFA, Rifle Club, Quiz Bowl Favorite Actor/Actresses: Adam Sandler What are your lifetime goals: To be successful in anything I do Favorite Thing to do with Friends: Just hang out Favorite Thing to do in your spare time: Shoot stuff Problem that concerns you the most: Life What are your plans after high school: Work for a year or two and work towards college If you could be anyone else who would you be: Myself What is unique about you: One of a kind… good or bad  Favorite Movie: Need for Speed Favorite School Memory: First fire drill in Kindergarten- everybody was running around screaming Most Prized Possession: Tackle-box from my great grandma and grandpa Advice to underclassmen: You’re only in high school once and it’s good to pay attention, but don’t forget to have a little fun. Quote to live by: Life can throw a lot at you, but all you have to do is just keep working past it. 2