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Superintendent’s Report AUGUST 2016 Budget Workshop Monday August 29 On Monday, August 29 the board will have a workshop to review the budget for the 2016-17 school year. Valuations will be to the district by August 20 and the board will review the budget recommendations for next year. We will set the hearing notice after that meeting. Area School Board Membership Meeting Thursday, Sept. 1 Pages (3-5) On Thursday, September 1, there will be an area school board workshop for school board members. Mitch Feldman and Jim Holm will be receiving membership awards. The meeting begins at 5:00 PM with Dinner at 6:30 PM. Board members who wish to attend this workshop are with me are asked to let me know so reservations may be made. This meeting may be a good time to talk with board members from other communities about the superintendent hiring process. Curriculum Planning by Teachers Most of our elementary and high school staff participated in blended learning curriculum planning during this last week in preparation for the new school year. The workshop was organized and planned by the Brian and Jeralynn Moser and helped our staff to get off to a great beginning to our school year. Blended learning concepts and computer activities for students were emphasized during the 20 hour workshop over 4 days. Meet and Greet and Technology Meetings on Monday August 15 Members of the community and booster club are hosting a meet and greet night for new staff prior to the technology meeting on Monday August 15. A parent technology meeting is also planned for that night with information about our new computers given to parents, and permission forms completed by parents. The board meeting will proceed that night that as scheduled. The student’s first day is August 17 this year and we will give you an update on enrollment and other exciting news after the first Friday. First Day teacher In-service and Student First Day Schedules (6-7) Included in this report is the schedule for teachers and students for the first days we have teachers and students in school. Bus Routes (8) Our new route drivers have met with our administrative team and we have and organized our new routes. Parents have been contacted and enclosed is a copy of the routes and time for pick-up. These routes may change according to our transportation needs. Policies Update (9-31) Board members are asked to bring their policy manuals to the meeting on Monday night. Board members have received policies at the last meeting from the School Board Association. New and/or changed policies include: 201.05, 204.01, 402.11, 402.16, 402.17, 502.02, 503.09, 504.14, 508.12, 603.01, 606.08, 610.01, 611.01, 704.04E-1 . Two additional policies that were sent last week will also be presented for first round approval. They include 201.02, 606.06, 1005.03. They will be handed out at the meeting for discussion. Motion if needed: As discussed at the meeting SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT CONTINUED PAGE 7… 6