SLS Mirror Sept - Oct 2017 | Page 10

World Mental Health Day 2017 During the course of the program, the students discussed various themes with the audience. Theme 1: Prenatal and Children The rst theme focused on issues related to pregnancy and children below the age of 12. The students who had taken up this theme were Raenhha Dhami from Batch 2015 and Meenoni Daga, Aesha Patel and Sharon Kuttey from Batch 2014. They discussed a few problems related to pregnancy and how they can be handled. They also performed a skit highlighting some issues faced by small children and discussed possible solutions for the same. Theme 2: Adolescents This theme talked about children between the ages of 13 – 20 years. The activities were conducted by Bhavika Jain, Sneha Sadana and Vidhi Dodia from Batch 2015. They showed a few videos about drinking and other bad habits among adolescents and talked about their mentality during this age. They also discussed, with the audience, ways of dealing with these issues. Theme 3: Middle Age This theme focused on people between the ages of 30-50 years. It was handled by Kirti Agarwal and Devesh Ramakrishnan from Batch 2015 and Simran Bhatia and Nishi Shah from Batch 2014. They showed a humorous video to the audience and talked about how being happy was crucial for good mental health. They also showed a 8