SLS Mirror November 2017 | Page 14

Creative writing workshop On day two, the students were asked to come up with a character sketch and a situation written with an imagination or experience of their own. All the students enthusiastically participated as they read out their content which was open to feedback and criticism from fellow students and Salil Desai. This activity showcased the power of a creative community and the impact it creates on your craft with moments of realization, appreciation, and criticism. On the second half of the second day, the intricacies of a good plot were discussed with important points on how your characters and twists should be spread across the story, how to plan the plot and what makes for a good and memorable ending which stays with the reader. By the last day of the workshop, the students were already in the whole element of creative writing as they began with the unit which makes the story: a dialogue. They discussed the umbrella of things that fall under it, what makes a good one and how much should we incorporate of it in the story to keep the story going and reader intrigued. Towards the end of the workshop, t