SLAS Times 2018/2019 Fall 2018 | Page 15

Mukbang: a Culinary Craze From Korea D o you like the idea of watching someone slurp and smack their way through a bowl of tasty noodles? “Mukbang” may be for you. Mukbang is a famous genre of video that peo- ple love watching in Korea. If you are curious about this genre, do a Youtube or Twitch search. income last year was 100,000,000 Korean won ($87,000), and experts expect that his income will increase more this year. Mukbang stars eat their way through kilos of food. The point of it all is to watch people eat as much as possible. These videos are pop- ular all around the world, but especially in Korea. A student in the 8th grade told me that she usually watches mukbang videos when she is hungry at school, and that she gets vicarious satisfaction from them. Some famous Korean mukbang stars are Benz and Dongge. They mostly have a concept for what they are going to eat, for example, Benz eats one type of food in enormous quantities, while Dongge eats interesting food, such as ocean grape, edible paper and edible tape. In mukbang videos, people talk about their interesting life stories while eating, or they simply eat to make the audience focus on the sound. In mukbang, there are criteria that are im- portant to follow: how palatable the food looks, and how good the eating sounds are. Mukbang is also influential in the market- People like watching mukbang because they place. On a Korean TV program, a famous like the way the food looks, they feel lonely singer ate some seaweed crackers, and the eating solo, or they simply love smacking and sales increased more than three times com- pared to last year. slurping sounds. Mukbang is getting more and more popular every day, and it is spreading more and more These stars also earn a lot of money. Benz’s around the world. by Sarah Lee