Skin Health Magazine Issue #9 / Autumn-Winter 2018 | Page 8

& Mind Wellbeing Organise Yourself Today for a Stress-Free December F or what’s supposed to be the happiest time of the year, we sure whizz through all the tinsel with a faint air of stress. When December arrives, we’re rarely ready for the family hosting, present exchanging, and party attending. We end up resenting activities that are actually the greatest gifts of the season. Here’s an idea: let’s not be overwhelmed this year! Let’s get organised and actually enjoy the process of getting ready for Christmas. Write it all down. Stress often comes from a cluttered mind; emptying those thoughts onto paper can be freeing and focusing. Grab a new notebook or create an online spreadsheet that you can access from home, work, or mid-shop- ping trip — this thing is your new best friend. Make Page 1 your brain dump of what’s weighing on you most: gifts, visitors, social events, traditions, anything that requires some forethought. Add to this list as needed, to be expanded upon in subsequent pages. Gift Planning. This is Page 2 and you can organise it many ways, but here’s what we suggest. Column 1: who you’re shopping for. Column 2: brainstormed ideas, such as specific items or notes (like ‘Steven is into hiking’). Column 3: actual purchases you’ve made. Column 4: where you’ll eventually write D-O-N-E on each line. Visitor Planning. Allot a page to what you can do in advance — washing guest bedding and towels, thinking about fun activities, making restaurant reservations. Plan a menu of easy meals that feed large groups (bonus points for crock pot recipes and dishes you can freeze beforehand). Importantly, remember that your visitors are here to see you; keep things simple so you have time for mulled wine and chats. Pages for Everything. Hosting a cocktail party? Leaving town? Those need their own pages in the aforementioned spreadsheet. You can also devote a page to a simple ongoing to-do list: pull out house decorations, buy party dress, send Christmas cards, bake festive treats for the neighbours. Write it all down! Remember all the gift exchanging last December? All those guests who showed up? That week with three consecutive parties? It’s going to happen again this year. We promise. No need to wait to confirm this information. Begin planning now. ISSUE #09 | 2018 | 8