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By Shari Shallard

No matter how much you adore your new satin top or how well your hair is cooperating , skin issues can really bring down a look . An unexpected breakout right before you head out — coupled with anticipation of the morning-after face you know you ’ ll be contending with tomorrow — can turn even the best of party plans into a source of self-consciousness .

So let ’ s look at the top pre- and post-party skin dilemmas and dig into how you can best address them .
Day-Of Dehydrated Skin
It ’ s the day of the party and you ’ ve got this patch of dry skin that clearly won ’ t disappear by evening . If you leave it as is , your foundation will get all caked up and bits of your skin might start flaking off as you toast the evening with friends . Nobody wants to see that . If you have time , treat your skin to a quick mask early on in the day . The DCL Hydrating Treatment Mask , for example , takes only 10 to 15 minutes . Then , try a rich moisturising cream that is designed to smooth and soften your skin , such as the SkinCeuticals Emollience . Apply and reapply .
Pre-Party Pimple
Maybe it ’ s on your chin , maybe the tip of your nose . But there ’ s no denying it ’ s there . You want something that will help to cover the offending spot without exacerbating it . The BABOR Doctor Babor Purity Cellular Blemish Reducing Duo uses one side to treat the spot , reducing bacteria and redness , while the other end contains a concealer . Pimple ? What pimple ?
Party Air Protection
You ’ ll be mingling in the warm , dry heat all evening , then standing in the blustery cold as you wait for a taxi . There will quite possibly be some cigarette smoke wafting around and certainly a lot of germs in this people-packed space . When it ’ s time to put on your party face , start with an antioxidant serum such as NeoStrata ’ s Skin Active Antioxidant Defense , which protects against free radicals . ( Rest assured that , though they weren ’ t invited , free radicals will certainly be at your party ).
Party-Proof Mascara
The wrong mascara or eyeliner can leave you looking like you ’ ve been partying a little too hard even if you ’ ve been throwing back lemonades all evening , so choose high-quality versions that will stay put . CHADO ’ s Mascara Divin has strong pigment that helps to ensure your colour doesn ’ t smudge or flake , and the RevitaLash Defining Liner is a lovely creamy pencil with a transfer-resistant formula .
Post-Party Cleanser
We understand it ’ s tempting to fall into bed
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