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particularly surprising . The truth is , it ’ s hard to get oily skin regimes right . You may be correct in determining that you have oily skin , but all those products developed to counter oil may have taken your efforts too far . Consider whether you should alternate between stronger products and gentler products ; for example , try offsetting your oily skin cleanser with a moisturiser designed for combination or normal skin .
Changes in weather . No matter what your skin type , changes in weather also lead to skin feeling suddenly sore and irritated . Cold weather and windy days are particularly aggressive in causing dry and chapped skin . The sun is also a wintertime culprit ; because it ’ s not hot outside , some people skimp on sunscreen , leaving skin vulnerable to sunburn and damage from UV rays .
Changes in hormones . Whether it ’ s happening in line with your monthly cycle or more gradually through the passing years , fluctuating hormone levels can take skin from dry to oily in a matter of days . It becomes harder than ever to know which product to use . While there ’ s no quick fix , simply noticing these changes is an important first step . Resist the mindless repetition of the same routine day in and day out , and take note of when you need to tweak your product choice .
Specialised skin needs
If you ’ re shaking your head at all of the above and muttering ‘ but I ’ ve tried all that ,’ then you might have a skin condition that needs more specific treatment .
Rosacea , for example , varies from flushing cheeks to broken blood vessels becoming visible beneath the skin . It can be brought on by anything from sun damage and diet to menopause and genetics .
Similarly , eczema can also be mistaken for typical sensitive skin , when really it ’ s an inflammatory dry skin condition that can be triggered by allergens . The skin cracks , becomes irritated and is then vulnerable to damage .
There are skin care products designed for nearly any condition , helping to protect , cool , soothe and repair the skin . But when simple efforts don ’ t work , you don ’ t want to make things worse . If you feel your irritated skin is more than just dryness that ’ s gone too long unchecked , consider seeing a doctor or dermatologist — it ’ s always wise to know what you ’ re dealing with before you start tackling the problem on your own .
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