Skin Health Magazine Issue #9 / Autumn-Winter 2018 | Page 30

DO YOU REALLY HAVE SENSITIVE SKIN? By Shari Shallard M any people have sensitive skin, and it’s wise for them to keep that in mind when choosing products and formulations. But many people have normal skin that feels sensitive, and these blurry lines can lead to a lot of misguided purchases and very unhappy skin. fragrance-free, and choose lightweight sun- screens. Pay attention to ingredients, and you’ll quickly get to know which ones react badly with your skin. Understanding the difference between sensitive skin and normal skin that happens to be going through something can be the difference between fixing the problem and indefinitely chasing the wrong solutions. This is that blurry line we were talking about. Soreness and irritation might have convinced you that you have sensitive skin, but sensitive skin might not be your problem. Let’s talk about some common factors that might be affecting your normal skin. What is sensitive skin? An intolerant skin type, sensitive skin often reacts severely to skin care products and ingre- dients. Sensitive skin may be red, sore, itchy and uncomfortable, so it is generally trickier to care for. The potent chemicals and fragrances in many of today’s most effective products can feel like an assault on sensitive skin. How to help your sensitive skin Choose soothing and calming products formu- lated specifically for sensitive skin, which contain gentle ingredients to treat and repair the damaged skin barrier. Stick with simple and Why your ‘sensitive skin’ products aren’t helping Dryness. If your skin is feeling sore and extremely dried out, chances are you’re using the wrong products for your skin type. Did you accidentally choose the normal/oily cleanser instead of dry/normal one? Try switching to the dry skin formulation. Are you adequately moisturising every day, and applying a night cream every evening? Are you sticking with gentle exfoliators, rather than harsh ones that might feel satisfying at first but are simply too intense for your face? Ease up on those and see if things improve. Oily skin. If you consider yourself an oily-skin person, getting hit with dry, sore skin can be ISSUE #09 | 2018 | 30