SHOUT4HE Second Newsletter - June 2019 | Page 2

SHOUT4HE SECOND NEWSLETTER | Issue 2 Second Project Meeting Overview Due to the timing of the project meeting, there were a number of key areas of focus that were decided upon with both the project timeline and first multiplier event in mind. Two of the three intellectual outputs from the research were discussed in detail across both days of the project meeting. These IOs are the Recognition Framework and the E-Platform. Both were due to be discussed and shared during the multiplier event. Therefore, it was suitable to make them the focus of our time together in Belgium. Intellectual Output One: Recognition Framework The project team discussed and examined the terminology being used within the framework for each stage, with some changes being made from terms such as ‘Digital Competence’ to ‘Digital Confidence’. The decision was also made to fill the framework with ‘can do’ statements that allow Higher Education teachers and lecturers to identify where they sit on the framework with more ease. On the second day of meetings the team decided to split into two smaller groups. One of these groups was tasked with the development of one of the three segments of the Framework with appropriate ‘can do’ statements. This proved an effective activity as it both enhanced the framework and informed the content of the multiplier event too. The final development of the Framework is currently underway being led by Angelica Risquez. This is due to be completed in August 2019. Intellectual Output Two: E-Platform The second focus of the project meeting was the E-Platform being led by Wouter Hustinx at PXL University in Belgium. They have made significant progress in the form of developing the concept of the E-Platform and how the usability of it will be appropriate and effective for the research. The key discussion with the group surrounding IO2 was the formatting and design of the E-Resources (IO3) that will be on the platform. These will be in the form of demo/instructional videos on various technologies that higher education lecturers want to share with others. PXL University are now in the development of a prototype that will demonstrate how videos and resources will appear to the user of the E-Platform. The prototype is aimed at being finished for testing in November 2019. 2