SHOUT4HE Second Newsletter - June 2019

SHOUT4HE SECOND NEWSLETTER Issue 2 SHOUT4HE Second newsletter June 2019 ‘SHARING OPEN EDUCATIONAL PRACTICES USING TECHNOLOGY FOR HIGHER EDUCATION’ (SHOUT4HE). Second Project Meeting First Multiplier Event Throughout the course of the entire SHOUT4HE research project, a scheduled set of project meetings are due to be completed. The introductory project meeting was held at Cardiff Metropolitan University, Wales in September 2018. The next stop for the project team was PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hasselt, Belgium. The multiplier event was attended by 20 people, including the speakers that participated within the various presentations and activities held at the event. The meeting was split across two separate days, with a focus on two intellectual outputs of the research on each day: Day One: Recognition Framework (IO1) Day Two: E-Platform (IO2) The progress and key elements of discussions that took place will be summarized later in the newsletter. The pattern of the meeting agenda was structured in a way that matched the contents of the multiplier event. Aside from members at PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts, 15 of the participants were from different universities and relevant organisations from the research project’s field of interest. The profiles and backgrounds of the participants were educational developers and educational researchers. The multiplier event was focused around two intellectual outputs of the SHOUT4HE-project: 1) the development and creation of a recognition framework; 2) and the development and creation of an e- platform. Each of these two outputs took the focus of different presentations and activities that were run during the event and will be outlined in further detail later in the newsletter. IN THIS ISSUE Second Project Meeting An overview of the second project meeting will be provided, with an update on Intellectual Output One and Intellectual Output Two. Page 2 First Multiplier Event An overview of the event, including pictures and reactions to the event will be included within this section of the newsletter. Page 3