SHOUT4HE Fourth Newsletter - December 2019 | Page 3

SHOUT4HE FOURTH NEWSLETTER | Issue 4 3 Second Multiplier Event – University of Limerick The second multiplier event of the SHOUT4HE project commenced with the presentations of our guest speakers in order to set up the context of OEP, national and institutional developments around open practice and digital capacity. Dr Catherine Cronin’s presentation, titled ‘Digital education, digital capabilities and OEP’ provided a broad definition of open education that emphasised the need for improving educational access, effectiveness and equity. She briefed the audience on the national developments regarding open educational practice (OEP) and pointed to the existence of very useful resources regarding Creative Commons licensing for those sharing their educational practices. Dr Sharon Flynn updated the audience regarding the Irish Universities Association project ‘Enabling Change: Enhancing digital capacity in teaching and learning in Irish universities’ and its linkages with the SHOUT4HE. Specifically, she explored how the Digital Competence Framework for Educators (DigCompEdu) enables the sharing of teaching practice, as exemplified in SHOUT4HE. Next, Prof Beauchamp presented SHOUT4HE to the audience, its participating partners and the progress to date with the intellectual outputs for the project. Finally, Dr Angelica Risquez explained next in more detail the recognition framework of SHOUT4HE (Intellectual Output 1). We provided participants in the room with a printed copy of the descriptors of the framework so they could read the choices and identify themselves in the continuum. We used Mentimeter to facilitate the self-evaluation exercise, commenting on the responses as we went along. Finally, a reflective workshop was facilitated by our two guest speakers, in order to inspire participants further to engage in open sharing of their teaching innovation. Participants worked in groups and produced an artifact to sum up their reflections, and uploaded them in Padlet ( All the slides for the event were openly shared (link). @shout4he